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Welcome to the site of Timico. I'm a musician who loves to maken music. Because of this love I was atracted to various instruments. I learned myself a bit guitar and drums. I liked lessons on the piano and bass guitar. The bass is my most favorite instrument. Bands I've played in, they come and go, so one day I desided to build a little home studio to record my ideas. I enjoyed this very much. Later on I did get the idea to make more genres of music, to make compositions of disco, pop, jazzy and club songs. I even began to sing on my tracks, but just to make the song complete and invite real singers to do it better than me. It will be greate to work together with other musicians on this way and I don't care if you sing the same on my song like I did or when the singer makes a new melody line, lyrics on her or his way.


Also my guitar solo's are a bit clumsy .. just like a saxophone line I played in on keys..my solos on keys are also not splendid. So, there is plenty of room for progress. I hope I can find the better musicians for these tasks. Maybe, I like to, to start a project, ore a band. Maybe just the two of us? > with a music tape for live performances? Much is possible, I just like to have fun with music and I hope other people also enjoy this, by creation ore listen, dancing maybe...who know's.


The 4 chosen genre's are pop, disco, jazzy and club music. Of each genre I composed around the 20 songs. On this website I show around 8 tracks of each genre so listeners can get a impression. In working together there is space for making new songs together, change the structure and so on. It's open and I like suggestions, so, feel free to join in.


Best regards, Timico.


( o yeah...I also did the recordings ,mixing and mastering by myself..I'm still improving these skills.. Also I would like to tell that I have mobile recording possibilities; there's no need to visit my place for a collaboration ).